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Free Xbox Live Codes | Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

This article is purely going to be about XBOX and its features for Premium members along with the secret of how to get generate free code for XBOX in the simplest way. Go ahead without any further delay to know how in the simplest way you are given a chance to upgrade your XBOX Account premium. Here we go!


XBOX is the first ever attempt of Microsoft that was created specifically for the gaming console market and also provides game applications and streaming services. The game and the original XBOX Console were first launched on 1st of November, 2001 in the United States of America, followed by the same was released in Japan (22nd  February, 2002) and Australia (14th March, 2002).

From then the product has taken various shapes and models and upgraded from XBOX to XBOX 360, XBOX One. Where the original XBOX has an inbuilt feature of online gaming where players compete online live through XBOX Live. 

The XBOX Live Gold is nothing but the membership card that allows the user to access games live where as XBOX Live codes is not a premium membership card but allows the user to access the facility of XBOX Live Gold with no validity.

XBOX live codes or gift cards are used to purchase the latest and newest XBOX game, apps software and more where you intend to pay no fees or there is no time span for validity or expiry of the codes, and the codes are accessible or to state, they can be redeemed at Microsoft Store online, or on Windows or at XBOX also. 

These XBOX live codes can also be used to extend your Microsoft subscription like XBOX Live Gold, XBOX Game Pass,etc.

The XBOX code is built with 25 alphanumeric characters printed on a card that can be purchased via online retailers and these cards are also sold in physical forms in some retail stores. 


XBOX Live Code Generator is basically an online tool that aids to generate free XBOX live code that are not used nor found by your friends online. These generated codes are unique still similar to that you purchase usually online from the retailers which as usual made up of 25 characters in alphanumeric combination.

Our Generator helps the user to gain a number of Free XBOX Live Codes depending on the need. Despite the other websites asking for money or to fill some survey, we tend to do it completely for no cost. This could be a little fishy, still we are not scammers, where we don’t ask for human verification or even log in to your account.


The feature of XBOX Live Gold, drags in people to become consistent members of XBOX Community where you can send requests, interact and compete with players. You can take up personal analyses based on achievement with the opponents and also track your gameplay movement, a feature expected in today. Here we list a few features of XBOX Live Gold.

  1. Interact and compete with players online.
  2. Smart-match, the matchmaking is available.
  3. Enabled private chat with players.
  4. Early access to game demos before others.
  5. Cloud space for storage.
  6. 75%off in the XBOX Store.
  7. Special offers, games with gold, video kinect available at special offers.
  8. Free video gaming
  9. Broadcast options for one’s ow gameplay.


As mentioned earlier, not all could bare the amount for getting premium membership for their Xbox Live codes. So we are here to help you get your account upgraded to premium category without spending even a penny by generating codes to your XBOX LIVE. Here we go, any remember to follow the steps in proper order.

Step 1: wait for the generator to load completely. And click on the Generator button.

Step 2: as soon as you click on the Generator Button, the system collects the unused codes from the database.

Step 3: wait until the process is finished, and within a minute or two, it displays the new and unique Free XBOX Live Code.

Step 4: the process ends there, you will have to copy the code and redeem it for $5-10 worth in your XBOX Live Membership Account or sometimes even at free of cost.

NOTE: as we run short of code, we restrict the supply of codes and we provide only as per need in the XBOX Live Codes. We tend to track your IP address just for the sake of verification process only and we are trustworthy where you can’t use our generator more than twice a day. In that case never try to fool us by using VPN or script as this generator restricts third party intervention.


Most of the time, redeeming the code generated will be a tough task actually. But you see, generating the code has never risked. Still no worries pals, just follow the steps listed to redeem your code after generating. We have designed this as simpler as generating the code. Here it goes,

Step 1: Navigate to in your web browser.

Step 2: Use the credentials to get logged in to your Microsoft account or the live account.

Step 3: Feed in the free XBOX Live Code generated previously.

Step 4: When the code is validated it will automatically reflect in your account where the gift card is successfully added.


There are a lot of other websites providing you with similar facilities we offer, but we always ensure to stand out of the box and benefit our user with the most that we could. Without any second thought you can really trust us on our works. We all tend to provide specialized features that will really make you trust us.

  1. Our generator cranks out card codes quick and seamless without any issues troubling in the midway.  

  2. You need not download any application to generate card codes and we ensure safety from the scammers that are spread everywhere. We provide XBOX LIVE SCRATCH CARDS through our website only.

  3. Our website is absolutely free, and we provide the XBOX LIVE SCRATCH CARDS for free with no ads or any sort of distractions in your way.

  1. We sort the cards and distribute them as per the desire of the user based on their request


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XBOX is an efficient gaming console by Microsoft which is affordable than the other competitors in the market. A worthy tool to all the gamer out there and we assure that it would really hold yourself into it. And something worthy, worth’s costly. The premium version of XBOX Live Code is XBOX Live Gold which is costlier. In order to make it accessible, we in this article intended to share the concept of generating free codes online. And we suggest you not to fall traps for fooling websites that are filled in.

Hope this was informative to you, soon redeem your codes free here as mentioned and enjoy gaming to the most.

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